Slavery & the history of our country

is explored in CD Harper's the trilogy "In the Beginning: The Life and Times of Liberty and Slavery."

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CD Harper's first novel:

Freedom brings with it demands, cruelties, uncertainties, and the need to decide one's own tomorrows.

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The second novel:

The Journey of a Lincoln-Freed Colored.

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Harper now lives on the Oregon Coast

in Gleneden Beach with his wife, Linda.

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The Academic

CD Harper received degrees from University of Illinois and St. Louis University. He taught high school English in East St. Louis, Illinois. He was Director of Black Studies, Associate Professor of English and Dean of General Academic Programs at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. At Cal State University, Los Angeles, he was Executive Assistant to the President, Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, Founding Executive Director of the Luckman Fine Arts Complex, and founded the Luckman Jazz Orchestra.

The Playwright

CD Harper has written numerous plays including: "Neva's Tale," "Black Bridge" and, his most recent, "At All Cost," a play about George Washington and his slave, Billy Lee. Neva's Tale was performed in L.A. at Los Angeles Theatre Center with great acclaim. A number of the actors in the performance also won NAACP awards. "Black Bridge," a play about the 1917 race riot in East St. Louis, IL., has been presented in a number of readings.

The Novelist

Upon retiring from Cal State and moving to Oregon, Clif began to focus entirely on his novels. "Covenant" & "And Face the Unknown" are the first two installments of his trilogy, tentatively titled "In the Beginning: The Life and Times of Liberty and Slavery." The third installment is a work in progress and consequently is untitled.

The Storyteller

The best way to comprehend the present is to study the past. Dr. Harper has focused his research and writing in order to promote this essential truth. A visit to Clif's home library reveals his varied interests as well as the journey of his personal and philosophical exploration. By unearthing his own genealogy, beginning with his great-great-grandfather, "The African," Harper delves deeper into the collective history of our country and the meaning and impact of the end of slavery and the Civil War.

CD Harper has written an intriguing historical fiction novel that is based on slavery and the relationships that develop between the slave master and his slave women. The story line is believable and the author's theatre background shines through his words. Touching, emotional, and an exceptional read. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★" Review of "Covenant" by Amanda on